The Advanced Functional Programming summer school has been running for more than ten years. We aim to educate aspiring Haskell programmers beyond the basic material covered by many textbooks.

The lectures will cover several more advanced topics regarding the theory and practice of Haskell programming, including topics such as:

The summer school consists of a mix of lectures, labs and a busy social program. You may want to check out the preliminary schedule to get some idea of what to expect.

The school will run from July 5–9, 2021.

For whom

We expect students to have a basic familiarity with Haskell already. You should be able to write recursive functions over algebraic data types, such as lists and trees. There is a great deal of online material freely available that covers this material. If you’ve already started learning Haskell and are looking to take your functional programming skills to the next level, this is the course for you. Or if you’re used to working in functional languages such as Scala, PureScript, Elm, OCaml, or Racket, and looking to learn more about foundations and Haskell – you may want to consider joining our summer school.


The lecture and lab sessions will be run online. We will have live lectures in the (European) afternoon, but recordings will be made available if this does not work for you. There will be supervised labs to help you practice with the material from the lectures, also held online.


We ask for a small registration fee of €50 to help cover the costs of running the summer school. If you are keen to attend the summer school, but unable to pay the registration fee, please contact the organizers. We are more than happy to waive the fee, if this makes your participation difficult.


Feel free to contact Wouter Swierstra (w.s.swierstra {at} if you have any questions about participating.